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Glass Door
Door leaf is made with massive transparent glass, with good vision, lighting and appearance. It is fit for commercial buildings, hotels, and office buildings of factories.
Glass Swing Door

It consists of door frame and door leaf. Equipped with butterfly hinges or floor hinges, the door can be opened or closed by swinging. Material is painted galvanized steel or stainless steel.
1.     Tempered glass, China 3C Security certified
2.     Butterfly hinges:Work with door closer to realize auto closing
3.     Floor hinges:With auto closing function
4.     Handle :Regular-length or Full-length
5.     Cylinder lock
Automatic glass door 

It consists of top guide rail, door leaf, drive system and radar. When the radar detects human or other objects in front of the door, it will send an signal to the motor. Then the door will open automatically along the guide rail.
1.     Europe-imported drive system, smooth and silent running
2.     Europe-imported radar, with excellent detecting sensibility
3.     With safety sensor, the door will stop closing if it touches obstacles
4.     Remote control, convenient for daily operation
5.     Lock-up device. Radar function can be closed when there is no need of automatic operation
6.     Access control system can be chosen, to master passing authority 

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