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Fabric Mega Door
Special type super big automatic door, widely used in shipyard, blasting or painting room, hangar, and large machinery factories.

1.     Surface is PVC fabric, double layer and beautiful.
2.     Main skeleton is formed with steel tubes. It is designed through precise structure calculation with universal steel structure software, meeting requirements of wind resistance.
3.     Safety Drop-proof device, can stop falling of door body when the steel wire of motor breaks suddenly, protecting human life under the door.
4.     Multi-limit design guarantees precise running.
5.     Inching control design makes sure there will always be a human operating the door when it runs. This can avoid accidents caused by human-absence.
6.     High safety class of motor and steel wire, guarantees reliable operation.

Technical Data

Max dimension: Wide 50000mm, High 30000mm
Wind resistance : Beaufort Grade 12 or above (35m/s or above)
Opening and closing speed: 0.2-0.6m/s
Work life: 50 years
Power supply: Three-phase 380V±10%V,50/60HZ
Optional colors of fabric: Blue, Yellow, Red, Grey, White

Optional Colors
We offer several different colors for your choice.  You can choose any one to fit for your building style.
1. Marine Blue; 2. Yellow; 3. Grey; 4. Orange; 5. White.

Project Cases In Different Industries:


Watch the video of a big PVC Fabric Mega Door on Youtube now !

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