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Sliding Door

Door leaf is made from Polyurethane sandwich panel, suspended onto top guide rail by guide wheels. The leaf runs smoothly along the top guide rail when door opening or closing. Such door is mostly used as main entrance door of factories, because of good thermal and noise insulation, guard against theft, stable operation and low fault rate.
Manual type
Handles are available at both outside and inside, convenient for manual operation. Top guide wheels are made from special nylon or polished steel, reducing its frictions with top guide rails. The door leaf can be moved by single person very easily.
Max dimension: Wide 8m, High 6m
Motorized type
High quality integrated drive motor, specially designed for sliding doors.
Max dimension: Wide 15m, High 10m
Built-in electric control board
Remote control for daily operation
Big start torque and stable running
Brake can be released to realize manual operation in case of power failure
Over heat protection mechanism 

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