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Metal Door And Fire Door
Mainly used as human passing door of factories, commercial and residential buildings. It can be made into single leaf, unequal double leaf or double leaf.
Door leaf and frame are made from galvanized steel. Surface is treated with electrostatic power coating, with much better adhesion and durability than traditional painting.
1.     SSD-STD  Ordinary Steel Door
Fit for human passing areas without fire-protection requirements. Middle of door leaf is filled with honeycomb paper or rock wool.
2.     SSD-FR   Fire Rated Steel Door
Fit for areas with requirement of fire protection. It can effectively stops spreading of fire and facilitates escape of human.
It can be classified into three types according to different test standards, namely American standard fire door , Europe standard fire door,and China national GB standard fire door,
1.     American standard fire door is most widely accepted. Complying with UL10C and NFPA252 norms, it can pass through local official fire audits in most countries of the world, except Europe and Oceania. We can offer fire doors certified by WH, FM or UL organizations. Fire rated time reaches up to 3 hours.
2.     Europe standard fire door, complying with EN 1634-1, widely accepted in Europe countries. Fire rated time reaches up to 2 hours.
3.     In China national standard, fire door should be classified into three grades, Grade A, Grade B and Grade C. Fire rated time of them.
Optional parts
① Accessories:Mortise lock, Door closer, Panic device+ trim, Door stopper, Peep viewer 
② Vision panel:Fire rated glass or wire glass
③ Finish color:All RAL colors available.
④ Threshold:stainless steel material.
⑤ Handling direction:


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