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Traffic Door
Also called Impact Doors, Bumper Doors or  Double Acting Doors, widely used in Food and Drug factories, Restaurant, Kitchens, 
supermarket, Shopping center, Post center, and Warehouse. The staff can drive forklifts or trolley to bump the door open directly. This improves passing efficiency obviously.

Single Door:  600 ≤ width≤ 1200mm, 1800 ≤ height ≤ 3000mm
Double Door:  1200 ≤ width ≤ 3000mm, 1800 ≤ height ≤ 3000mm

Door panel
20-40mm thick. Inside is filled with thermal-insulation material . Surface is high-strength stainless steel or ABS resin plate.

Free opening:Spedial double swing active design. Every door leaf can open to both outside and inside, improving traffic efficiency obviously. 

Door hinge is special eccentric design.The door body leans along the axis, generating a force reverse with opening direction. Self-weight of the door will make the door leaf return to closed position. Thus the door will close automatically after human or forklifts passing.

Safety window

Made from double layer PMMA material. Staff can see the opposite side through it, and avoid crashing accidents when pushing the door open. Even if it got broken, it will not break into pieces like regular glass. This avoids harming human or polluting the environment.

Anti-collision rubber plate:

Arc shape with very good structure elasticity. It can endure frequent collisions.

Different Designs:


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