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Do you know Cold storage door?

Release Time:2017-08-18 16:19   Author:admin
Cold storage door generally with the air curtain machine, can effectively reduce the cold storage of cold loss.
The door of the cold storage door is made of high-strength hard rust-proof aluminum alloy. The interior of the rail adopts floating open and close door system. When the cold storage door is opened, the aluminum door frame reduces the friction. When closing, Tight aluminum door frame to achieve sealing effect. Hardware and accessories are all made of stainless steel precision casting, door pieces of high precision, elegant appearance and durability, to ensure that the cold storage doors open light and flexible, safe and effortless, easy to install. TPE environmental seal, so that the cold storage door with a more good sealing performance and performance.
The door and the doors are equipped with two sets of electric heating antifreeze device to effectively prevent the cold storage door and door frame at the junction of the floor and the surface of the freezing safety escape device: when someone accidentally mistakenly locked in the cold storage, As long as a little pull from the risk chain, you can successfully open the door, safe out of danger.
The door is made of high-strength aluminum alloy with high strength, no deformation, beautiful appearance and durable. The doors are welded by 2.0mm stainless steel, which is sturdy and durable, without deformation and reasonable structure.
Polyurethane pressure-injection machine is used for injection molding. The polyurethane structure is dense and uniform. It has no shrinkage. The appearance of the door is smooth, and the insulation performance of the insulation box is reliable.

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