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Clean Room Door & Window

Clean Room Door & Window

Complying with pharmaceutical GMP standards and Food-grade, high airtight, dust-proof, easy to clean, and rust-proof

It is a metal swing door and windows installed in all kinds Clean Rooms. There are several unique features to meet special requirement of such buildings, listed as follows:

1.Rust-proof;  2.Free from dust retention;   3. Easy for cleaning;  4. Seamless and Pure plain;  5. Air tight.

Thus, it is widely used in below listed buildings where there is extreme high demand for hygiene and cleanliness. It completely comply with Food-grade, pharmaceutical GMP standard and Electronic dust-free grade.

  • Food& drug factories

  • Laboratories

  • Hospitals

  • Electronics factories

Door leaf50mm thick. Surface is 0.8 or 1.0mm thick powder coated galvanized steel or 304 stainless steel. Inside is filled with high-density honeycomb paper or rock wool.

Door frame: It is made from 1.2mm or 1.5mm thick painted galvanized steel or 304 stainless steel.

Air-tight Seal structure: 

① Between door leaf and door frame: There are EPDM weather seal rubber all around the frame and between two door leafs. The rubber touches the door leaf and completely close the gap. 

② Between door leaf and floor. A special automatic drop seal rubber is installed at the bottom of the door leaf. It will automatically get down and close the gap with ground floor when door closed.

Vision panel (optional):

Special clean room glass.  It is made from double layer tempered safety glass. It is also 50mm thick as door leaf, so its surface is on the same surface, to avoid dust retention and realize easy cleaning. And there is silica gel inside the window. It will absorb humidity and avoid frosting in the humid enviroment of clean rooms.

Hinge: 304 stainless steel hinge. Thickness of material reaches 3-4mm. It can work long time without deforming or damage. This improves door work life.

Accessories (optional):

Handling direction:

Fitting Wall Types:  

We can customize the door frame to fit for different wall types. 
1. Sandwih Panel Wall: The frame depth can be adjusted to enclose your sandwich panel wall properly. And frame will be fixed by self-tapping screws.
2. Concrete Wall: We will make fixing plate at the back side of frame. It can be fixed with expansion bolts into the concrete or brick.

Project cases in different industries:

Video Demonstration: