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Cold Storage Door

Also called Freezer Doors, used in all kinds of cold storage, cold room and Constant-temperature workshop. It offers excellent thermal insulation and seal in areas with big temperature difference higher than 50℃ and humidity of 90%.

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  • High thermal insulation door panel: 

     Polyurethane sandwich panel, forged at one time with high-pressure Foaming machine, with better thermal insulation than traditional panel. Various thickness available:75mm,             100mm,150mm,200mm


  • Single or Double leaf design available

  • Manual or Motorized types available

  • Good seal and airtight :

      EPDM seal rubber is installed between door leafs and between door leaf and wall. It is of good resistance of cold, chemical and aging.

  • Special design rail: 

      Guide rail is modified-line design. When closing, door leaf will get down and touch the ground. At the same time, it will get closer with the wall to close the gaps.


  • High safety:

     The door can be easily opened from inside by pulling emergency safety ring in emergency situation.

Video Demonstration: