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Dock Leveler

Also known as Dock Ramp or Loading Ramp, widely used in loading bays of logistics centers, warehouses and dispatch area of factories. In most cases, the container floor of truck will not be on the same level with loading bay floor. And this lead to that, forklifts or trolley can not be used to load or unload goods into container. It will take much labor to move the goods by hand. This will be very low efficient.

But with a automatic dock leveler, such problem with be solved perfectly. The stationary fixed dock leveler will be placed into a pre-built concrete pit on the loading bay. A hydraulic motor drives the platform up and down, realizing seamless joint between room ground and truck floor. Then,forklifts or trolleys can transfer goods quickly on the dock leveler platform. Thus it improves the loading&unloading efficiency obviously and also save much labor. 


Customized sizes acoording to your need. 

We suggest three mostly used sizes:

  • Width=1830mm, Length=2000m, Height=500mm;

  • Width=2000mm, Length=2000m, Height=500mm;

  • Width=2000mm, Length=2500m, Height=500mm;

Loading Capacity

Dynamic load capacity: 6000KG; 10000KG or 15000KG

Hydraulic Motor1. Power supply :3-phase 380V/50Hz 

2. Output power:0.75KW-1.5KW;

3. Top China brand or Italy brand;

4. Overheating self-protection function.



and cylinder

Japanese brand NOK. Even after work of many years, it will not leak oil. 

This reduce the maintenance to minimum and improve work life.

Control Panel

Multiple-function controller, with three functional parts:

  • Operation button: press one time, the whole procedure started until


  • Power-switch button: switch off power easily when necessary, like

    work-off, daily maintenance, or repairing;

  • Emergency stop button: it can stop the dock leveler immediately when

    there is something emergency. This can help protect workers and avoid



1. Surface sheet:6mm-8mm thick according to loading capacity;

2. Whole-piece steel sheet, rather than welded joined sheet like 

    competitors, with much higher strength and work life;

3. Underneath support: high-density steel tube or C-channel to support 

    the surface sheet.;

4. Surface treatment: blasting and powder coating, with high rust proof 


Front Lip

1. Material: 12-16mm thick steel sheet;

2. Surface treatment: blasting and powder coating. Special embossed 

    treatment, to make it antiskidding and improve the safety of forklifts 


Side ProtectionFoldable steel sheet at each side, to protect human foot and avoid other items getting into dock leveler.

Seal Structure

There is EPDM weather seal brush at two sides, to avoid dust or other

 items getting into dock leveler and inside room. 

Dock Bumper1. One pair for each dock leveler;

2. Wear-proof high-strength rubber material;

3. To be fixed onto concrete with expansion bolts.

Painting colorBlue, Grey, Green, or customized

Project Cases:

Video Demonstration:



Complete Loading Dock:


    Loading Dock or Laoding Bay, is a complete assembly of three parts:

  • Dock Door: Sectional door or Roller shutter door. It can be thermal insulated. 

  • Dock Leveler:  To connect warehouse floo and truck floor. And forklifts can run on it directly into container;

  • Dock Shelter&Seal:  To improve the airtight and seal when loading or

    unloading goods. It can prevent outside air and dust, and also keep

    temperature inside room. 

     It is widely seen in warehouse, factory, and logistics industry. These three parts 

     work together to improve loading efficiency and protect indoor enviroment. 

     We can offer the whole set for you. Please find more detail on page of Sectional        Door and Dock Shelter.

Click below photos to explore Dock Door and Dock Shelter:

Sectional Dock DoorDock Shelter & Seal