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Dock Shelter And Seal

Dock Shelter & Seal

Used for seal between dock and truck containers. It can protect goods and avoid exterior air and dust entering the room during the loading and unloading process. 


We develop three different models of dock shelter. They are fit for different situation. You can check below details and make a choice.

Type No.1. Retractable Dock Shelter or Seal (Basic model, most widely used)


Fit for loading docks working with different types of trucks. It can fit containers of various


It is retractable design. Two parallel steel tubes form the main skeleton. When trucks touch 

the shelter, it will retract flexibly and join closely with trucks of different types. After 

trucks leave, it will recover automatically under self-weight effect. Thus, it is a good 

choice if your truck containers are in different sizes.

Data sheet: 

Color:Black                                                                  QTY of fabric layers:2 

Fabric type:Horizontal polyester                              Surface material:PVC fabric            

Basic material:PVC fabric                                          Thickness of front fabric(mm):3.0

Density(kg/m2):2.7                                                      Thickness of lateral fabric(mm):0.8mm

Retractable metal frame:Aluminum alloy                Tear strength(N/mm):150    

1% Stress(N/mm):8                                                      Max width (M):5

Work temperature(℃):-20/+80                                   Horizontal stability:Yes         

Fireproof grade:EU Grade II            

Type No.2. Thermal Insulated Dock Seal (Insulated model, for uniform size truck or container)


Fit for loading docks working with uniform trucks with containers of same or similar sizes. It can realize effective seal and thermal insulation.

1.     The back structure is made from galvanized steel plate or anti-corrosive solid wood, touching with the wall closely. Inside is filled with highly compressed sponge, with density of 30KG/m³. Special pressure-relief design can reduce the friction with dock and trucks. This will prolong work life of surface fabric.
2.     Surface fabric:Made from PVC fabric with self-extinguishing function. Weight: 800g/㎡. There are fabric shutter folds on top beam and two side columns. Thus it can endure long-time friction and squeezing.

Type No.3. Inflatable Dock Shelter or Seal (High-grade model, for high-demanding projects)

It is the most advanced and most high-end dock seal. 

  • Fit for various container sizes: Adopt the PVC fabric material as the airbag. When working, the motorized air

    pump motor blow air into the joined air bags, to fill the space between door and

    truck containers. It can work for trucks with various container sizes.

  • High airtight and thermal insulated Inflatable dock shelter adapts accurately to various size of lorry or containers. It

    offers excellent sealing performance and prevents outdoor heat entering

    warehouse. Thus it is fit for areas with very high demand for thermal insulation and air-tightness, like food and pharmaceutical warehouses.

Demonstration Video:  



Complete Loading Dock:


    Loading Dock or Laoding Bay, is a complete assembly of three parts:

  • Dock Door: Sectional door or Roller shutter door. It can be thermal insulated. 

  • Dock Leveler:  To connect warehouse floo and truck floor. And forklifts can run on it directly into container;

  • Dock Shelter&Seal:  To improve the airtight and seal when loading or

    unloading goods. It can prevent outside air and dust, and also keep

    temperature inside room. 

     It is widely seen in warehouse, factory, and logistics industry. These three parts 

     work together to improve loading efficiency and protect indoor enviroment. 

     We can offer the whole set for you. Please find more detail on page of Sectional        Door and Dock Shelter.

Click below photos to explore Dock Door and Dock Leveler:

Sectional Dock DoorDock Leveler