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Sliding Hangar Door

Automatic multiple leaf sliding doors fit for aircraft hangars

High wind-resist, high safety level


Sliding Hangar Door is specially designed for hangars of civil or military airports and aircraft factories. It may consist of two or more sets of door leafs. Inside skeleton is high-strength steel structure. Surface is paved with cladding material.

We can make customized design for different projects based on the hangar building design and local meteorology or geolog. And we have finished many projects in overseas. Until now, we are the only one company in whole China who have successful experience in finishing foreign projects for such big hangar doors.

Various cladding material for options:

Corrugated steel plate:  

Painted galvanized steel, with excellent anti-corrosive performance. Low cost, High strength, High-machinability, Easy installation, Low maintenance, Customized color harmonizing with overall building style.

Polyurethane sandwich panel:

 Double layer steel, filled with freon-free and environmental friendly PU foam. Excellent thermal and noise insulation

Polycarbonate sunlight board:

Surface is covered with 0.5mm ultraviolet protection layer. Noise insulation:22dB; Thermal insulation:1.4W/㎡℃; Light transmittance:67%

Advanced drive system:

We use Siemens brand heavy duty brake motor as the drive part. Its frequency can adjust according to the power supply. So the door will soft start and soft stop, rather than a direct shaking sudden move. This can protect the drive system, and improve the work life and also safety level.

20190527195104107.jpg     20190527195104472.jpg

                                                                                     Drive system                                                                                        Guide wheel

Technical Data:

Max dimension:Wide 200000mm, High 30000mm
Total thickness:200-800mm
Running speed:0.15-0.4m/s
Wind resistance:Beaufort Grade 12 or above (35m/s or above)
Work life:50 years
Power supply:380V±10%V,50/60HZ
Thermal insulation:2.0-2.5W/㎡.k
Work temperature:-30~+60℃

Project Cases:


Video Demonstration: 

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