Basic Model High Speed Doors with economy cost.

Rapid Roller Door is a type of automatic roll up door that is designed to open and close very quickly, widely used in modern factories and warehouses. It can run in high speed and frequency, very fit for areas with heavy traffic. It improves efficiency of material handling. On the other hand, air flow and heat conduction through the door is reduced obviously, to keep clean, hygiene and temperature inside room. Automatic running is realized with programmed control system and sensors. 

RRD-STD is the basic model high speed doors with complete function and lowest cost. On such model doors, we reduce some parts which are not a must and save cost to be the best.  It is aim to meet client's requirement of high performance doors with an economy price. 



 High speed running                


     The opening speed can reaches up to 2.0m/s. And the closing speed can reaches up to      1.0m/s. This means that the door can finish a cycle of opening and closing within in                 

     several seconds. It bring several major benefits:                



  • Improve work efficiency:  Workers or forklifts will no need wait in front of the door and

    can directly go across it. The material transfering speed is higher by at least 5 times                        

    than tradional roll up doors;                        

  • Keep clean and hygiene: The fast running reduces the open time to only seconds in a cycle of passing the door. Thus much less outside air and dust will enter the room;

  • Keep temperature: Heat loss is reduced by large by reducing open time.



High frequency working                


The motor is frequency motor, and control panel is frequency inverter system. It                 

can change work power output gently. So the door can start and stop in a soft process. Its                 

running speed will accelerate or decelerate gradually. This can avoid overriding and                 

over-heating caused by constant up and down. So the door can keep                 

running and no need worry its motor burnt or structure damaged.                 


Our door can run up to 2000 times per day. This is why it is a best choice for busy area with heavy traffic like forklifts or passing workers. Our door can run up to                 

2000 times per day. This is why it is a best choice for busy area with heavy traffic like forklifts or passing workers.                 




 Various Colors                 


  •   We supply six different colors for your choice. You can make a free selection 

       among them. Our doors can integrate into your whole building design and                 

       make the building harmony and beautiful.                

       Blue, Yellow, Orange, Grey, White, Full clear                


  •   A transparent window can be made at human eye height. This makes it easy to

       see what is happening at another side of the door. It will be more safe for a                 

       busy area with moving workers and forklifts or other vehicles.                 


Multiple safety protection                


Considering the high speed running of the door, safety protection become very                 

important to avoid possible accidents.  This can not be neglected when using                 

such high performance doors.                 

There are three safety protection devices:                


  • Safety photo sensor:  The sensor can send a infrared light beam from one side 

     to another. When it is blocked by passing human or vehicles, the door will                 

     immediately stop or get up. Thus it aims to avoid accident;                


  • Safety airbag sensor: It is a soft rubber airbag at the bottom. If something 

      touches the bottom, the door will stop or get up. So it aims to stop accident                

      once it happens;                


  • Alarm lamp: It gives out light flash signal or sound signal when the door 

     running. Passing workers or vehicles can easily get aware that the door is                

     working and take special care to avoid accidents.                





   Interlocking Function                


    In some industries like food, pharmaceutical or electronics, it is a very                 

    important issue to keep hygiene and clean inside the room.  This is critical                 

    to keep final quality level of the finished products, no matter it is food,                 

    medicine or electronic applicances.  How to prevent outside air and dust is                

    a major difficulty. An interlocking passage system can solve this problem                 



    Door A and Door B are installed at two ends of the passage. When door A                 

    opens, Door B will never open. Only after Door A closed, Door B can open.                

    Thus, at any time, there is at least one door keep closed. So the outside air                 

    and dust will never be able to enter the room.                


     We have input the interlocking function in every door.  When necessary, any                 

     two doors can be interlocked.                 


Various Operation Methods

Every door will have wall mounted control buttons at both interior and exterior. This can make sure the door can be operated by workers at any time when they need. 

To improve your work efficiency, we also offer various addtional choices of operation devices.

  • Remote control:  Each door can have two or more remote control units. People can open or close the door from as far as 100m distance; 

  • Radar sensor: It can detect human or vehicles moving towards the door, and the door will open automatically. After passing through, the door will close automatically within several seconds which can set;

  • Vechicle loop detector: It detecting wire loop will be embedded into ground floor near the door. It can detect all the big metal objects passing on its loop like forklifts.  It does not detect humans. Thus such sensor is quite fit for doors which only allow forklifts passing automatically. 

  • Pull-cord switch:  This is very convinient for forklift drivers, and also can avoid unnecessary opening of the doors compared with radar sensors or vehicle detector;


Technical Data:

Applicable location:            both interior and exterior            
Max dimension:             6000mm wide*6000mm high                  
Max opening Speed:             2.0m/s               
Max closing speed:              1.0m/s              
Wind resistance:             Beaufort scale 10 (25m/s)             
Power supply:             1-phase 220±10%V,50/60HZ, or  1-phase 380±10%V,50/60HZ            
Protection level of electric:             IP55             
Available colors of fabric:            Yellow, Blue, Red, Grey, White, Clear             
Fabric curtain:            PVC(Polyvinyl chloride), 1.0mm thick, optional for 1.2mm or 1.5mm thick             
Frame material:             original galvanized steel guide rail,  no top cover and motor cover            
Wind bar:            Aluminum alloy material, surface is powder coated            


Video Demonstration:

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We have a full range of high speed doors. Maybe you will be interested in other types.

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