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Standard Roller Shutter Doors. 

Rolling Doors with high-strength galvanized steel slats. It is wind-resistant and suitable for all kinds of factories, commercial buildings, and garages.

Aluminum Alloy Roller Shutter Door,A model of Rolling Doors with aluminum slats, good thermal insulation and appearance. It is quite fit for commercial stores, warehouses, and garage.



1.  Good thermal and noise insulation. 

Double layer slats can prevent thermal conduction and noise

2.  Good seal and ait-tightness. 

There is seal brush inside guide rail, and EPDM seal rubber at the bottom. Gaps at two sides and bottom are eliminated.

                 (Aluminum Guide Rail with seal brush)                                (Aluminum Bottom Bar with seal rubber)

3.  Beautiful and compact design. 

Special design tubular motor is inbuilt into the roller. Integrated design saves space at the top and make the door look beautiful and compact.


4.  Various types of slats available for different situations

Standard type : hollow aluminumInsulated type : PU foam filledHigh-strength type: reinforced 


Technical Data:

Applicable location:both interior and exterior
Max dimension: 6000mm wide*6000mm high      
Wind resistance: Beaufort scale 11 (30m/s) 
Power supply: 1-phase 220±10%V,50/60HZ, or  1-phase 380±10%V,50/60HZ
Slat: Aluminum alloy
Available colors:White color, or special customized
Work power:250W to 1000W 

Addtional Optional Functions:


            (Safety Photo Sensor)            (Safety Bottom Edge Sensor)           ( WIFI Mobile Phone Controller )           

Video Demonstration: 



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