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Sectional Door

Industrial Overhead Sectional Doors 

Mostly widely used doors in all indsutrial buidlings like factory or warehouse. Thermal insulated, fast speed, high frequency running, low maintenance.

   Fast opening and closing


    Running speed comparation:

    Sectional door: 0.3m/s; 

    Traditonal roller shutter door: 0.06-0.08m/s;

    So, sectional doors are four times the speed of a tradtional roller shutter door.  It opens

    and closed much faster. This bring several big benefits:

  • Improve work efficiency:  Workers or forklifts will no need wait long time in front of

    the door. The material handling speed is higher by at least 3 times than tradional roll

    up doors;

  • Keep clean and hygiene: The fast running reduces the open time to only seconds in a cycle of passing the door. Thus much less outside air and dust will enter the


  • Keep temperature: Heat loss is reduced by large by reducing open time.

High frequency working

There is torsion spring balance system around the drive rod. After spring tightened, it can 

balance the weight of the door body and reduce the load weight of the motor. So its drive 

motor is always in a light-load work state. This is the reason why such doors can work

continually. No need worry its motor will overload and get burnt. 

Max work frequency: 800 open-close cycles per day. 


   Thermal insulated

     Door panel is sandwich structure. Total thickness: 40mm. Two surface layer 

     is 0.326mm galvanized steel plate. Middle is filled with high density fire 

     ratardant polyurethane     foam. Foam Density12---14kg/m2. 

     At the joint area, there is a special cold-bridge design, to avoid direct 

     heat conduction through surface steel sheet. 

    Thermal insulation ratio:   4.5W/m. h.

    For this reason, such door is widely seen in cold rooms and warehouses. 

High air-tightness

All-around of the door is covered with EPDM weather seal rubber. Such rubber can resist 

cold and chemical. It can keep in good shape after years.  This guarantee the high air-tightness of the whole door. It will prevent outside air and dust entering the room, and keep 

inside clean and hygiene. 


   Flexible design to fit all project sites

     The door can climb up in different ways to fit specific site situation.   

  • Standard lift: For limited top space, the door will turn to the ceiling directly;

  • High lift:  The door can climb up the wall for some distance and then turn to the ceiling; 

  • Vertical lift: If the ceiling is high enough, the best way is to climb up

    complete to the top. 

Optional Parts: 

You can select clear windows or man doors for your sectional door

  • Clear Window: People can see what is happening at another side of the door through it. This can improve safety at work place.

  • Man door: Fit for big size doors with a lot workers passing. This can reduce the use of whole sectional door and improve its worklife.

Technical Data:

Applicable location:both interior and exterior
Max dimension: 8000mm wide*8000mm high      
Opening Speed: 0.3m/s   
Closing speed:  0.3m/s  
Wind resistance: Beaufort scale 12 (32m/s) 
Power supply: 1-phase 220±10%V,50/60HZ, or  1-phase 380±10%V,50/60HZ
Protection level of electric: IP54 
Frame material: Galvanized steel 
Thickness of panel:40mm thick or 50mm thick
Density of PU foam42kg/m³ 
Sound insulation:24  dB
Thermal insulation:
0.38 W/m°C
Water tightness:30 Pa

Video Demonstration: